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Improving your vision through better Contact Lenses and Cutting-Edge Technology in Canberra


Encountering issues with your eyes can be frustrating, annoying, or even a little frightening. On your own, it can be difficult to understand precisely what changes are occurring with your vision. Whether you’re struggling to read road signs when you drive, or your current set of contact lenses has begun to cause irritation, finding an optometrist you can rely upon for clear and direct guidance is essential. Even when all you need is an updated prescription for your contact lenses in Canberra, attentive care and consideration for the future of your ocular health remain important. At Capital Eye, we always stay focused (pun intended) on the goal of delivering a superior standard of care.

The new location for highly experienced eye care professional Dr Jack Guan; our Barton clinic provides access to personalised care in a private setting with access to cutting-edge technology. It‘s through this technology and our patient-focused care practices that we can offer a premier experience that appeals to everyone, from families to new MPs and even top-level athletes. Everyone deserves their best chance for good vision; we achieve that in many ways. For example, as one location offering a 3D eye scan in Canberra, we can help to develop a unique long-term care plan for your health. How does it all work?

Planning for Tomorrow With an Eye Scan in Canberra

Ultimately, this examination amounts to one extra step in a typical visit. Using (technology designed for ocular health), we can conduct a rapid scan of your eyes using a non-invasive and painless procedure. The immediate result is access for your care providers to a detailed digital map of your eyes. Not only can this help in diagnosing existing issues (such as astigmatism), but it can actually give us an insight into the future. Because of the high quality of the 3D image produced by the machine, we can analyse your eyes for any signs that certain types of ocular disease may develop in the future. Armed with this knowledge, we can not only create a unique care plan that supports your eyes, but we can also provide better treatment today.

This example is just one way in which we’re using our new location to offer our patients an even better experience. Those benefits extend into other areas, too. For example, we are a trusted provider of IPL treatment in Canberra for those who are struggling to combat the pain and itchiness produced by chronic dry eyes. Whatever you may need, we always ensure your healthcare needs take priority.

Receive Treatment From a Trusted, Compassionate Provider

Getting started with Capital Eye is easy, and we’re confident that you’ll find every visit to be a comfortable and helpful experience. We suggest starting by reading up on some of the answers to our most frequently asked questions. When you’re ready to make your first appointment or to explore more information about obtaining an eye scan in Canberra, please contact us and let us know how we can help. We look forward to working together with you towards better vision.