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Your eye health is priceless. Capital Eye is where optometrists, specialists and doctors come to have their own eyes tested. See better and get the care you deserve. No expenses spared in building Canberra’s state-of-the-art optometry clinic. We are a private billing clinic where, in most situations, you would be eligible for a Medicare rebate for Medicare cardholders. Talk to us if you have any queries.

Initial Consultation:

$190 – $260

Your comprehensive eye consultation includes all the relevant scans and tests. Our comprehensive consultation is eligible for an on-the-spot rebate with Medicare Easyclaim. To use our Easyclaim system, please provide a debit card with an attached a Cheque or Savings account to claim your rebate.

A report summary is provided to you to summarise what we’ve discussed with you along with our advice for improving and maintaining your eye health.

Specialised Consultation:

$280 – $320

This includes our dry eye consultations and CASA Ophthalmology Reports where specified requirements and additional testing is required for diagnostic purposes. In most cases, Medicare rebates are not eligible for this type of consultations.

Subsequent Consultation:

$70.00 – $130.00

Follow-up appointments range from $70 – $130 depending on the testing required. Medicare rebates are generally available for follow-up and review visits.

Online Booking

We've made it easier for you to make bookings. You can also see us now and pay later.