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Get Eye Support at our Local Glaucoma Clinic in Griffith

Excessive fluid build-up in the eye can cause glaucoma, a disease that damages the optic nerve and ultimately leads to blindness. Early detection and treatment can slow the progression of glaucoma, retaining eyesight for years to come. Capital Eye uses the latest technologies to detect glaucoma. Our glaucoma clinic in Griffith performs comprehensive eye exams using the latest diagnostic equipment.

Who is at Risk for Developing Glaucoma?

Anyone is at risk of developing glaucoma which is why early detection is key to preventing sight loss. People over 60 are encouraged to test their eyes annually. Those with darker skin should begin testing earlier, at age 40. People with high blood pressure should also have their vision checked regularly in addition to managing their blood pressure, and individuals in high-stress environments are susceptible as well.

How Capital Eye Can Detect Glaucoma

Our friendly experienced staff use advanced technology to detect glaucoma early. We use Icare, a device that measures eye pressure. It does not use puffs of air nor eye drops to perform the test, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable experience for the patient. A visit to our glaucoma clinic in Griffith will provide you with early detection and recommendations for treatment if necessary.

Safeguarding your eyesight for the future means early detection of eye diseases including glaucoma. Contact our office to schedule an appointment. Our glaucoma clinic is conveniently located in Griffith, providing confidential eye care services for you and your family. Early diagnosis is key to retaining vision in the future.