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Our lenses

See better with the latest range of German-designed and engineered Rodenstock single vision, computer and personalised progressive lenses that are tailor-made for edge-to-edge clarity. It is our duty to recommend what is best for you, so you can be confident that your eyesight has not been compromised with inferior products.

Our award-winning device captures your precise facial and frame measurements in an instant, resulting in high-tech prescription lenses that are customised to your parameters. We are experts in prescribing and dispensing the latest lenses, so you see the world comfortably, clearly and at its best.

Have peace of mind knowing that your prescription and lenses are guaranteed for best vision. We trust the quality of our products and offer warranties on all lenses and frames. It is the high standard of engineering skill that makes each lens and frame a small masterpiece.

Our technology

Experience the highest level of care with the latest equipment and innovative technology.

Maestro 3D OCT is a sophisticated scanning system that uses light rays to produce highly detailed 3D images of the internal structures of your eye. This cutting-edge technology helps us to safeguard your vision for the future by detecting eye conditions years before they cause loss of vision or blindness. Its safe, fast, painless, non-invasive and the results are immediate.

Our Laboratory

We support our local Australian-owned laboratory CR Surfacing in Melbourne. Their commitment and innovation are aligned with our mission statement and values.

Their fully automatic manufacturing lines with OptoTech and Satisloh digital surfacing machines and the MEI Bisphera XDD TBA fully automatic lens edging system is one of the most advanced in the world, will enable the production of the highest quality products within timeframes never seen before. This translates to providing you with lenses with utmost clarity and comfort with minimal edge-to-edge distortion in our multifocal progressive lenses.

Online Booking

We've made it easier for you to make bookings. You can also see us now and pay later.