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So you've had your glasses for about two years, and recently you've broken them. Either losing a screw, chipped lenses or severely bent frames. Here at Capital Eye, your optometrist in Canberra can perform minor maintenance and repairs to extend the life of your spectacles.
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It is essential to continue looking after your eyes during the lockdown. Many optometry practices and eye clinics have reduced their operating hours and have cut down routine eye examinations. We are using our eyes more than ever, whether during the teleconferences or making home improvements around the house. Paying particular attention to your eyes now will ensure your eyes and vision remains healthy coming out of the lockdown.
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When you go in for a routine two-yearly eye test with your optometrist, it is always helpful to bring your glasses prescription, especially if this is the first time you are visiting our practice in Canberra. Along with your current glasses and any contact lenses you might be wearing, bringing in all these would help our optometrist determine your most up-to-date prescription accurately.
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