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Get a comprehensive exam from the top Griffith Eye Doctor

When your vision has deteriorated, or you are worried about your eye health, a visit to your local optometrist may be in order. However, choosing a Griffith eye doctor who can perform a comprehensive, advanced eye exam can be challenging at times. Fortunately, at Capital Eye, we offer you a thorough, affordable examination that seeks to answer any concern or questions you have about your eyes.

Using advanced, specialised optometry technology, our eye exams and scans offer you a thorough reading of your eye health, pinpointing what might be wrong and finding proper corrective measures. Utilising the latest diagnostic equipment, we believe a comprehensive eye exam is the first step in finding the suitable corrective solutions for you and take special care in this process. As such our eye exam is truly unrivalled, putting accuracy and precision above all else.

Our services go beyond eye exams, and if you are searching for an all-inclusive Griffith eye doctor, then we have you covered. After your eye exam, we will have options for everything ranging from getting new prescriptions to finding replacement glasses. Our lenses and glasses are a cut above the rest, and our exams will ensure you are getting the perfect prescription. Contact us or drop by at your convenience to find out more, or to book your eye-test. Our focus is always on you, and you will not be disappointed with our service.