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World class lenses from a top optometrist in griffith

Our focus is on the best science and technology.

Our passion is optometry and vision.

Our priority is your care and wellbeing.

For those who wear glasses, finding the right lenses and a prescription for your vision makes all the difference. Especially for those with particularly fickle eyesight, the difference between prescriptions can be like night and day. That is why when looking for an optometrist in the Griffith area; you want someone who has choices for quality eyewear and precise prescriptions. At Capital Eye, that is precisely what we do, finding you eyewear that will help you navigate everyday life with ease.

Getting you the correct eyewear solutions starts with one of our comprehensive exams. Using the latest diagnostic technology, we pinpoint which corrective measures need to be taken and find you the right glasses and contacts for that. As such, we pride precision and accuracy in this process and know that even small factors can make a huge difference when it comes to your eyes. This is what makes our optometrist in Griffith so widely regarded, as we truly take the time to be as meticulous as possible.

For those searching for a new optometrist in Griffith, Capital Eye is the place to go. From our examinations to our top quality eyewear, you and your eye health is the focus of all we do. Our specialised services for various eye requirements mean we treat patients with a variety of eyewear needs and issues and will have solutions that work for you. Contact us or come to our location on Sydney Avenue to get started.