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Need an Optometrist in Campbell then Capital Eye is what you seek

When looking for an optometrist in Campbell, you want a professional and experienced practice that is also warm and friendly. At Capital Eye, you get exactly that. We know that having eyesight troubles is taxing enough, so why should the treatment be as well? Our service is orientated solely to our patients, providing service that is both comforting and reliable.

When You Need to See an Optometrist

There are many benefits to going to your local optometrist in Campbell, but how do you know when to go? There are a few tell-tale signs that mean you need a trip to the optometrist. Here are just a few symptoms that indicate that you need to visit your friendly Capital Eye optometrist.

  • A headache that won’t go away: unusual constant headaches can be a sign that your eyesight is deteriorating. If you do suffer from frequent headaches, a trip to Capital Eye could provide you with the answers and relief you seek.
  • Pain in the eye: If you have discomfort with eye movement that you can’t connect to a loss of sleep or allergies then it may be a sign of eyesight deterioration.
  • Squinting: This is the most common symptom of eyesight deterioration, and if you are squinting more than normal it could mean it’s time to visit Capital Eye for a checkup.

Do not wait for your eyes to become a problem, contact us today and let us help you with protecting and caring for your eyes.