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Get New Prescription Lenses in Your Frames Today!

You recently had your eyes tested, and your optometrist in Canberra has found a change in your lens power. You only had the frames for a couple of years, and it is still in good condition. Do you need to purchase another pair of glasses with brand new frames?

Understanding the Change in your Prescription Lenses

It is essential to quantify whether your lens power changes warrant a brand new pair of glasses. Minor fluctuation in our vision occurs daily, just like your weight. When you jump on the scale in the morning, it could read differently in the evening. Our eyes and vision could change depending on our environment, how much eye strain we’re experiencing, and even how tired we are.

One way your optometrist uses to find out whether the change in your prescription glasses is recommended is by asking you whether or not you have any issues when using them. This could include when you are experiencing blurriness with your existing glasses, such as on the computer for a couple of hours, headaches after a couple of minutes, or vision is constantly blurry even with the glasses. At Capital Eye, your optometrist in Canberra, we will discuss whether changing your current prescription would benefit your vision.

Using your Existing Frames

You probably recall spending hours, perhaps days and weeks, to find your pair of glasses when you last had your eyes tested with your optometrist. Some of us wouldn’t want to go through that process again. If your glasses are still in good condition, you can consider updating just the prescription lenses alone.

If your current frames are not in their best shape, getting a whole new pair of glasses is good. When the optical laboratory installs your new prescription lenses, it stretches the frames and readjusts. These adjustments may cause additional stress to the frames and risk them breaking. Our optical dispensers and our optical laboratory assess these frames and provide further guidance on whether it is suitable for reuse. Despite our best efforts, you may need to pick out a replacement frame on rare occasions.

The Bottom Line

Getting new prescription lenses in your existing frames is undoubtedly an option. It reduces waste and cost in updating your glasses. Your prescription lenses are most likely made of plastic which tends to scratch, and coatings peel after a couple of years despite your best effort to keep them in good condition. These surface wear and tear can interfere with your vision, reducing its quality of vision. Although your prescription may not have “changed”, changing the prescription lens is the only way to get rid of deep surface scratches and replace its antireflective coatings.

On some occasions, you may not be able to reuse your frames due to their poor condition. In this case, if you don’t have a spare pair of glasses, these would become your spare sets when you purchase a new pair of glasses.

If you want to update your lenses with the latest easy-to-adapt technology with exceptional clarity and comfort with your next multifocals, consider bringing in your frames and let us look at what we can do for you.