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Can Wearing Outdated Prescription Glasses Damage Your Eyes?

You recently went to your optometrist in Canberra for a routine eye check-up. Your optometrist has advised that your prescription has changed compared to your current prescription glasses. Would wearing your glasses, which now have an outdated prescription, cause any damage to your eyes?

Understanding your Prescription

Your prescription is measured and unique to your eyes. This is one of the reasons why your prescription may not be suitable for your peers, even though they have a similar vision problem. Your optometrist measures your prescription to suit your vision needs, such as driving for long distances or spending long hours in front of a computer.

As your eyes change, your prescription can change to ensure your vision stays clear and comfortable.

Wearing or using an expired prescription typically means that your vision through your existing glasses may not be optimal. This could mean you can get headaches more frequently and notice your vision becoming blurry.

Will it Damage Your Eyes?

In short, it depends. Wearing an outdated optical prescription may not damage your eyes intrinsically. You may get some eye strain and uncomfortable vision, but it is unlikely it will damage your eyes if you only do it for a short period of time.

However, children’s eyes could change constantly, and sometimes their vision fluctuates with it. Having an up-to-date prescription for children ensures that their vision is at its optimal for vision development and reduces the risk of having a lazy or a turned eye.

The Bottom Line

It is unlikely that your eyes will be damaged from wearing a pair of prescription glasses with an expired prescription. However, using an expired optical prescription could mean that your vision through your new glasses isn’t at its optimal. Doing so, you may experience blurriness and eye strain, which could worsen your vision symptoms like headaches.

Wearing an outdated pair of glasses with an expired prescription is like wearing an incorrect size for your shoes. It would be uncomfortable for the short-term but may cause long-term issues if it has been left for too long.

That is why at Capital Eye, your optometrist in Canberra recommends that your prescription should be updated every two years to ensure that they are stable, or, if it has changed, you’ll have the chance to update your glasses promptly. If you haven’t visited your optometrist in the last two years, or looking to get your eyes tested, consider booking your next eye test appointment with us online, instantly and conveniently. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice.