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Why Our Patients Chooses Capital Eye As Their Regular Optometrist in Canberra

Why do our patients and clients choose Capital Eye as their preferred optometrist in Canberra? Here are some comments and a summary of our services and how they have benefited our clients since 2018.

Personalised Service

We understand our patients at a personal level. This means we know their daily schedule, how much time they spend using their eyes, and how vital their vision is. For example, an office worker might spend a lot of time on the computer and screens, which causes eye fatigue at certain times of the day. You may need a vision report to understand your vision better when applying for particular training and occupations, such as in the aviation industry or defence personnel. Our team comprehensively understands our industry, and we work with you to achieve your desired outcome.

At Capital Eye, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding of our local community and our close collaboration with colleagues. This knowledge and network enable us to assist you in achieving your vision and eye health goals. Whether you’re seeking an eye surgeon for cataract surgery or require ongoing injections for macular degeneration, our team is well-equipped to guide you through the process, ensuring you find the best provider for your condition and personal circumstances.

We can only achieve this by taking the time to understand your circumstances and enquiry and getting to know each other and your eyes with consistent reviews and visits. Our patients at Capital Eye are committed to improving their eye health and understand how vital their vision is in their everyday lives.

Advanced Technology

As your trusted optometrist in Canberra, Capital Eye is committed to using the most advanced technology to assess your eye health and vision. This not only guarantees the accuracy of your prescription but also enables us to identify early subclinical signs of potential eye diseases. By doing so, we can intervene early and prevent irreversible blindness, demonstrating our dedication to your eye health.

Some of our technologies, including OCT, allow us to examine all the layers comprising your retina without dissecting your eyes (!). This enables your optometrist to evaluate each retinal layer in Canberra to ensure it is healthy and not showing any signs of degradation. We also use sophisticated equipment to determine any potential eye diseases that could affect the eye’s external front part. This is particularly useful when your optometrist in Canberra assesses the function of your tear glands, particularly during your comprehensive dry eye assessment.

A deeper understanding of the essential structures that make up your eye allows us to provide tailored and relevant advice regarding your eye health.

Expert Advice

Technologies get updated frequently. How we conduct our eye examinations has changed dramatically over the last few years. Our optometrists in Canberra are constantly upskilling and staying relevant with the most up-to-date treatment strategies and expert consensus ongoing management from our colleagues. Patients and clients at Capital Eye leave our practice feeling empowered over their decisions regarding their eye health.

The Bottom Line

If you want to get your eyes tested and last had one a while ago, consider making your appointment at Capital Eye and speak to our expert staff, who are passionate about what they do to help you see better.