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We Are Open On Selected Saturdays!

It’s our little secret that we’ve been operating on selected Saturdays since early May this year. Following our COVIDsafe business plan means that we are spacing out our appointments and reducing the number of patients and clients we interact with. This has allowed us to open a few appointment slots on Saturday to ensure our existing patients are seen timely.

Our patients now have the flexibility to visit a less crowded optometry practice in Barton with plenty of off-street parking. Our existing clients have noted that having their appointment on a Saturday allows them to take advantage of the free off-street untimed parking!

Our Saturdays were initially only available to our existing patients. Now we are excited to announce that we’ve opened a few selected appointment slots available for our new patients. These appointment slots are for new patients wanting to experience a personalised approach to their eye care.

We also find we are helping the Canberra community by having to fill these slots with emergency eye appointments, which comes quite handy for our patients who needed urgent eye care advice over the weekend.

How to Make These Appointments

  1. Online. Our appointment diary is available on our website. Be sure to click on “Show All” to see all the available appointments we have on that day. Your optometry appointment is booked and confirmed instantaneously. After booking your appointment online, there is nothing left for you to do except to show up to your appointment.
  2. Phone. Our optometry practice is open by appointment only. This allows us to personalise your visit and to ensure you have our fullest attention. Our reception hours are published on Google, and it is always up-to-date. If you have an emergency and wish to be seen quickly, don’t delay. Give us a call, and our staff are more than happy to make things less stressful for you.

We understand the last few months have been quite a roller coaster ride and have thrown a lot of people off their rails. At Capital Eye, although we are an optometry service provider, we consider our patients as part of our family.

It is not our aim to see as many patients as we possibly fit in one day, but to deliver a service to ensure you’re safe and comfortable throughout your visit. Your loyalty to us allows our small, locally owned family business to survive during these uncertain times and to continue our commitment to you and to our Canberra community.