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Tips on Tackling Itchy Eyes

Hayfever in Canberra is terrible, especially if you have pre-existing conditions like asthma. Along with a runny nose and blocked sinuses, you may notice your eyes start to become watery and itchy. So much so that it becomes annoying and can be disabling. Here’s some advice from our optometrist in Canberra, which could help you survive the hayfever season.

Understanding Itchy Eyes

No doubt that you’ll notice that your eyes are quite sensitive. A microscopic speck of dust can cause severe irritation leaving your eyes looking red and tired. Whenever there is something in your eyes that it doesn’t belong, our eyes do their best to get rid of it. They may start to water on their own, like the times when you cut open an onion to actively flush it out. If the foreign body is very minute, it can cause mild irritation and sensation of itchiness, like brushing your hair lightly against your skin. If the foreign body is quite large, like the size of your eyelash, then your eyes would feel quite irritated and can cause further abrasion on the front surface of your eyes, causing it to become red and inflamed.

Before Your Eyes Get Itchy…

If you suffer from terrible hayfever, and you see yourself getting very itchy eyes every year during Springtime, get your eyes checked by your optometrist. You may be suitable for some eye drops to help with the impending itchy eyes before they occur. It works similarly to hayfever tablets that it is most effective when you take it before being exposed to the pollen. Stopping itchy eyes before they occur is one of the most effective ways in managing them.

Use Your Artificial Tears or Ocular Lubricants

There are many different types of artificial tears available at your local pharmacy or supermarket. Some of them are great; a few are terrible and could potentially make your itchy eyes worse.

The goal of using copious amounts of artificial tears is to dilute the allergen and help to “flush” out anything in the eye, causing it to become itchy. It is best to use non-preserved artificial tears for this purpose. Eye baths are great if used correctly. If not, it could make the situation worse. Visit your local optometrist and seek their advice on what eye drops are most beneficial for your unique circumstances.

Cold Compresses

It is not uncommon for your eyes to get violently itchy. Resting a cold face towel over your closed eyes can provide soothing temporary relief and a much-needed break from eye rubbing. Eye rubbing is a risk factor for several ocular conditions, such as keratoconus. If you find yourself constantly rubbing for a couple of weeks with no relief, seek the professional opinion of your optometrist.

The Bottom Line

Itchy eyes are incredibly annoying. If you find yourself having itchy eyes and the situation doesn’t improve quickly enough on its own, make an appointment with your optometrist. There are many ways your optometrist can help and get it under control.

At Capital Eye, we have the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure we find the root cause of your eye problems. It is easy to make an appointment online with us. We look forward to helping you soon.