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Taking Care of Your Eyes During the Festive Season

As we approach the year’s end and you still need to check your eyes with your optometrist in Canberra, there is still time for you to do so. There are several reasons you want to have your eye’s checked before we head into the Christmas break.

Christmas Closure

As we rush into the silly season, we can expect delays in getting your new glasses, contact lenses or any other optical requirements. Most health funds reset at the end of the calendar year, making this period even busier than usual at your optical provider. When we are travelling about during Christmas, we want to safeguard our sight and not be left in a situation where without glasses. Arranging a second pair or getting your orders in for your contact lens early means you’ll be prepared for whatever the case. If your current pair of glasses have seen better days, or you are running low on your contact lens supply, you should see your local optometrist in Canberra to finalise these orders before the break.

Keeping in Touch with Your Eye Health

Most independent practices will be closed for two weeks during the Christmas and New Year holidays. If your eye health demands routine checks, it is a good idea to have a review appointment with your optometrist in Canberra before they go on their break. Issues such as dry eyes, allergies, and red eyes can often be reviewed and managed with appropriate advice from your local optometrist in Canberra during the closure. The worst situation you could be in is an impending eye health issue that has worsened during the break when everyone has closed for the year. If something has been bothering your eyes and vision for the past year, a quick check-up before the break could be the peace of mind you need.

Stay Safe

Christmas break is often the time for an adventure. It is also the time that you may tackle your last-minute DIY tasks at home, such as gardening and tidying. Whilst your mind isn’t on your routine 9-to-5 job, it is essential to protect your eyes during this period with adequate eye protection.

Be mindful when opening Christmas presents – you would want to avoid a paper cut to your eyes! Be aware of where your child’s hands are, as they could be very excited and potentially poke your eyes! Even with our best efforts, eye protection whilst doing your DIY projects is foremost to avoid the possible dreaded wait time at the emergency should an incident occur. Taking common sense measures and simple processes can prevent a lot of drama concerning your eye health, which is the last thing you need as we ring in the new year.

The Bottom Line

Healthcare services are often stretched very thin during the Christmas period. Whilst most private eye care clinic close during the break, ensure you and your eyes are prepared for the new year. If you haven’t had an eye test this year, a simple, quick review appointment with your optometrist in Canberra can provide you with the peace of mind you need to enjoy your holiday.