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Looking for an Optometrist, Ophthalmologist, or a Glaucoma Clinic in Barton? Capital Eye Welcomes You

Overstating the importance of good eye care is hard. Our eyes undergo many changes throughout our lives, some minor and some major. At times, they can even develop diseases just as other parts of the body can, leading to complications that can range from dry eye to partial vision loss. That is why caring for our eyes with the help of a professional is an essential part of developing better wellness overall; just as you visit a dentist for your teeth or a dermatologist for your skin, your eyes deserve the same level of care and attention.

Yet for many, locating an ophthalmologist in Barton that makes them feel as though their care is always at the centre of the practice’s efforts can be a challenge. Encountering an office that feels more like a sales environment aimed at sharing marketing materials about the latest and greatest glasses can be disheartening. Likewise, highly commercial locations can lack the privacy and room for discussion that is an essential part of anyone’s medical care. For these and many other reasons, Capital Eye offers a different choice. An independent and patient-focused optometrist near Barton, we always strive to align our goals with yours. How does this commitment to independent care set us apart?

Choosing an Optometrist in Barton Committed to Your Vision

Nothing should influence the type of contact lenses you receive or anything to do with the course of your treatment except the facts. That is why at Capital Eye we place such an emphasis on cultivating close working relationships with our patients. We learn about your concerns, your goals, and even your lifestyle to help us determine the best type of treatment to administer. Alongside these considerations, we use all the tools available to us, including 3D eye scan technology, to learn about your eyes and how we can best care for them.

Our comprehensive exam takes only about one hour and provides you with an opportunity to engage directly with a Barton optometrist about your care. There is no need to rush through a dozen questions, receiving brief and unsatisfying answers to them all. Instead, we encourage conversation and will always answer your questions. Informed care is the best type of care, and we cherish the opportunity to help you care for your eyes. After an exam, you can continue to enjoy a quiet, private atmosphere in which to discuss the types of lenses or spectacles you would prefer. Together, we can identify the ideal solution.

Set Up a Visit with Capital Eye Today

Whether you only need a basic eye examination and trustworthy guidance on vision correction options, or you need help from a Barton glaucoma clinic for more advanced conditions, we are ready to help. Learn more about the differences we provide or our technological assets, or come and see us for yourself. To set up an appointment with our office, please get in touch to find out about the next available opportunity to visit us.