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Looking for an Optometrist in Canberra?

Regardless of whether you’ve just arrived in Canberra or have been in the ACT for quite some time, looking for an Optometrist or any health professional for you can be a daunting task. We are fortunate that we have a variety of optometrists and optical providers to choose from. Often it isn’t easy to navigate and pick who is the best optometrist for your circumstances.

What We Do

Capital Eye is your independent optometry practice located at the heart of Canberra. We are a full-scope optometry clinic that deals with everything to do with the eyes. Whether you need the best multifocal lenses on the market or replenishing your contact lenses, we are here to help and understand what you require.

Being an independent eye clinic means we aren’t tied commercially to a single optical lens or contact lens manufacturer. This gives our optometrists the freedom to prescribe the best lens suited to your needs. The way you use your own eyes is different for different people. For example, an automobile mechanic would have different vision requirements compared to a pilot. Picking lenses to suit our patient’s individual needs is what we at Capital Eye pride ourselves on. Having a lens that suits the individual often eliminates the need for multiple glasses of glasses, offering the individual convenience and freedom. After thoroughly reviewing your prescription, our qualified optical dispensers will sit down with you and discuss what you want to achieve in your new pair of glasses. This allows us to pick the lenses that fit your purposes, rather than matching and choosing lenses from a guide of set options.

Being a full-scope optometry practice means we are well equipped to help with any issues, no matter how complex it may be, relating to your eyes. This may be an accident you had during the weekend, having red-eye, or you feel like your eyes have something stuck in it. You might have a family history of eye diseases such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration or diabetic eye diseases that require routine and regular monitoring. Our latest equipment allows us to track every minute changes and evaluate your ocular risks precisely.

Our People

Our staff are passionate about their roles and are routinely undergo additional training to learn about new strategies to help our patients. Our optometrists have developed an excellent rapport and working relationship with local ophthalmologists, GPs and other specialists. This gives our patients an advantage to having their eye conditions dealt with efficiently and with attention. When making your appointment with your optometrist, we endeavour to ensure you are seeing the same practitioner. This ensures consistency in both practice and advice, avoiding your story or condition becoming misinterpreted or the need to repeat your clinic history multiple times.

Our Clinic

Our clinical and diagnostic equipment is regularly updated to ensure we provide the most accurate diagnosis and to provide patient comfort through the eye examination. Our practice is built with your safety and privacy in mind. By only seeing our patients with an appointment, we ensure our clinical space is not overwhelmed. As a by-appointment-only practice, we can guarantee that your session with us is not rushed and you’ll leave with all your questions answered.

The Bottom Line

Patients from Capital Eye are regular clients of our practice who have been coming here for years. Our patients and clients become friends and family quickly, and you’ll expect to be treated like so. If you are ready to experience an eye examination with the detail and attention you deserve, consider making an appointment with us online today.