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Kingston Glaucoma Clinic offers experienced Optometrist and Ophthalmologist for complete Eye Health

Our eyes are very precious and delicate, not taking care of them or ignoring symptoms can cause lead to significant problems with your sight. Don’t wait for your eyes to become a problem, take the initiative and see your local Kingston optometrist. At Capital Eye, we know how difficult it can be when you have trouble with your eyesight. That is why it is our goal to ensure that you are completely satisfied when using us for all your eye care needs. Our independent practice will give you the care and attention you deserve. Whether it is for a routine check-up or something more serious, rest assured that we will do everything we can to help you.

What Our Kingston Glaucoma Clinic Can Do for You

Let us help you to see the world at its best with our advanced eye exam and help protect one of your most important senses against disease and other future problems. With this technology, we can detect diseases years before they become a problem. Our eye doctor, in Kingston will provide you with a personalised service that is here to focus on you and your eyes. By visiting our Kingston glaucoma clinic, you are taking the first steps to ensure that your eyes get the care they deserve. Our clinic has the latest equipment and cutting-edge technology to aid us in patient treatment and care. Along with exceptional eye care, we also offer quality prescription and lenses that have helped many of our clients and patients see with more depth and definition. For a friendly and efficient ophthalmologist in Kingston who can assist with diagnosis of vision impairing conditions and provide primary eye care, Capital Eye is the place to go.

Why It Is Important to Visit Your Local Optometrist

Just because your sight is twenty-twenty now doesn’t mean that it will stay that way forever. It is preferable to go for an annual eye check-ups to help ensure that your vision remains optimal, whether it is getting new lenses for your glasses or having a comprehensive eye exam to examine the condition of your eyes. At Capital Eye, we realise that sometimes problems occur during times of financial difficulty making it even harder to manage. Therefore, we offer an easy payment plan for all our products including consultations making payment easier for those who can’t afford to pay straight away. Some clinics are strict about their payment plans and can sometimes be unreasonable with their interest rates. That is why our payment plan carries no interest for our patients, and as soon as the payment plan is approved, you can take the product home.

We offer everything one could need for eye care, from a 3d eye scan to contact lenses our services and optometrist in Kingston will be there for you no matter your eye needs. Contact us today, and we will endeavour to support you through your eye care journey.