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Is An Appointment Necessary To See Your Optometrist?

If you’ve had your eyes tested multiple times in the past, you might find that you need to make an appointment in most cases. However, there are times when you are just browsing your local shopping mall and finding the perfect pair of frames, then realising you need to update your glasses prescription to make your new spectacles. You just walk-in and saw the optometrist almost immediately. If you could do that on all occasions, why bother making an appointment?

Your Visit at Capital Eye is Different

At Capital Eye, your optometrist using their experience and training to deliver a unique and customised eye care solution to suit your needs. By remaining independent, we committed to any commercial lens or frames companies. Making an appointment allows us to dedicate our professional time to you to ensure all your queries, questions, and solutions are discussed thoroughly.

Our Optometrist Open by Appointments Only

Unlike other optometrists you’ve been to, our “shopfront” is not optimised for walk-ins. This is deliberately designed so that you have our fullest attention whenever you’re in our practice. We respect our patient’s and customers’ time during their busy routines to seek our professional advice. By making an appointment, we can ensure our level, and the quality of service is consistent, and your time is spent more efficiently.

Making an Appointment Minimises “Follow-Up” Visits

You are often presented with two options when you walk into a practice that you haven’t made an appointment for. First, you may be “squeezed in” between other patients who have made an appointment. This means less time is dedicated to you. Less time dedicated to you could impact the quality of service delivery. Often, there may not be enough time to conduct all the necessary tests to evaluate the health of your eyes or provide you with an accurate description or a pair of glasses you need for a particular task, such as for work and screen use. As clinicians, it is our duty of care to evaluate these in more detail, and would often require a second visit or a “follow-up” visit. This could sometimes unnecessarily take more time, as you’ll need to arrange another appointment for another day. Making appointments in advance minimises this, providing you with a hassle-free experience with your optometrist.

What about Emergency Appointments?

We understand on several occasions; our patients would need to be seen on the same day. Whether you’ve woken up with a painful red eye or your vision has suddenly become blurry, early treatment can prevent further vision loss or even restore your sight. Calling ahead explaining your situation would still be beneficial as we can adjust our clinical diary accordingly and ensure we have all the appropriate equipment ready for when you arrive.

The Bottom Line

Making an appointment with your optometrist at Capital Eye is effortless. You have access to our entire clinical diary online by visiting our website. The book now functions on our website, enabling all our patients to book directly without calling our reception. This is incredibly convenient if you cannot manage to call during our reception hours or book after hours. Please ensure you leave a brief message explaining what you would like to achieve during your consultation with your optometrist.

If you’ve just arrived in Canberra and want to find an optometrist that understands and treats you as our family, we look forward to welcoming you soon.