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Getting New Prescription Glasses? Do You Need Another Eye Test?

You’ve been wearing glasses for most of your life. You know how frames and lenses work, and the routine of getting your eyes tested with your optometrist in Canberra. Walking by a glasses shop, a pair of frames catches your eye. You only just had your eye test a couple of weeks ago. Do you need another eye test to purchase new frames and glasses?

Understanding Your Needs

Having another eye test before getting your new glasses is generally not required, provided your current prescription isn’t outdated or expired. Your optical prescription for new glasses and contact lenses typically has an expiry date of 12 months to 2 years, depending on what was discussed during your last eye appointment.

However, occasionally even if you had your eye test in the last couple of weeks, you might find that your vision has changed since. If that’s the case, you must have your prescription checked before you order your new set of glasses.

Understanding Your Prescription

Your optical prescription for your new glasses generally has an expiration date of about two years. This is because, on average, we see that your vision can change or vary slightly every 24 months. Hence, it would be best to check your eyes every two years to ensure you are seeing at your best. However, if you’re deciding to get a new pair of glasses and your current prescription is valid, it is best to check when it is valid.

For example, your prescription expires in 6 months. Technically, you can still order your new glasses based on this prescription, but it is probably a sound decision to have your spectacle prescription renewed. Not only will you be confident that you’ll wear your new glasses with the latest prescription, but you will also confirm that your eye health hasn’t changed since your last eye test.

What if There is A Change?

So you’ve decided to have your prescription rechecked despite having a full eye test less than two years ago. What happens now if there is a change in your glasses prescription?

We need to determine the amount of change compared to your most recent eye test. This allows us to compare if the difference in your prescription is significant. It is a good idea for you to bring in this prescription for this purpose. If you don’t have a physical copy of your prescription handy, your optometrist in Canberra can call the practice you’ve attended recently to obtain this. This is crucial for several reasons.

If your prescription is varied significantly, this may indicate ocular health changes, such as developing cataracts or macular changes. It is essential to review these changes before purchasing your new pair of glasses. The best way to quantify these changes is to have your eye reassessed by the same practice where you initially had your eye test. This is to avoid making your new pair of glasses potentially masquerade as a more significant underlying ocular health issue.

The Bottom Line

Getting new glasses is exciting. Sometimes you don’t have the time straight after your eye appointment to select the frames you want to wear for the new couple of years. Purchasing a new pair of glasses sometimes is a spirit of the moment as you walk past a fancy optometrist shop. However, making sure you have the most recent prescription with you would save you a lot of time and effort when organising new glasses. If you haven’t had your eyes tested in the last two years, your current spectacle prescription has likely expired. Make an appointment with your optometrist in Canberra to ensure you are seeing at your best.