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Do you need Glasses, Contacts or other Eyewear? Schedule a comprehensive Eye Exam in Barton, Kingston or Canberra to find Out

Perhaps you are having some issues with your vision, or maybe it’s just been a few years since your last eye exam. Either way, if you are interested in scheduling a comprehensive eye exam, you can count on Capital Eye to provide a service with the attention to detail that you deserve. If you end up needing glasses, contacts or other eyewear in Canberra, we can help you choose the right option.

Detailed Eye Exams to Help You Understand Your Vision Concerns

Most experts recommend that adults visit the eye doctor at least once every two years for comprehensive examinations. Older adults—those over the age of 60—or adults with higher risk levels for vision issues should schedule exam appointments more frequently. Relevant risk factors include past eye trauma or eye surgery, a family history of eye diseases (such as glaucoma), diabetes, high blood pressure and visually demanding jobs. If you aren’t sure whether you qualify as ‘at risk’ and should, therefore, have more frequent eye exams, consult your eye doctor.

Of course, if you feel that you may need to purchase glasses in Kingston for the first time, you should schedule an eye exam first. If you are struggling with blurry vision, having difficulty reading or experiencing other vision problems, you don’t want to wait until your next annual or biennial appointment to get answers. At a minimum, you may need glasses or contacts. Your symptoms could also be signs of disease or disorder. Either way, getting the medical attention you need sooner rather than later is a must. Even if there is nothing seriously wrong with your eyes, you will appreciate knowing precisely what is going on and having that peace of mind.

At Capital Eye, we provide thorough eye examinations to every patient. Every eye exam is one hour in length and includes a detailed assessment of your eye health using the latest eye care diagnostic equipment. After the assessment, our eye doctors will take the time to sit with you, explain their findings and answer any questions or queries you may have.

Your Source for Barton or Kingston Eyewear

If it turns out that you need glasses or contact lenses, know that Capital Eye is qualified to provide the highest quality lenses and frames. We can be your source for Kingston or Barton eyewear. We only supply lenses that go beyond Australian standards, ensuring the highest quality results for our patients. We also work closely with each patient to ensure they are getting the eyewear that suits their unique lifestyle, their preferences and their overall individual needs.

If you have been dealing with a vision issue, don’t put off getting the answers you need. Instead, call Capital Eye today and schedule a comprehensive eye examination. As your source for Canberra, Barton or Kingston eyewear, we look forward to helping you get to the bottom of your eye issue.