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Delays on your order

With the new lockdown measures implemented in Victoria, this has affected the delivery of your new glasses.

Our purpose here at Capital Eye has always been supporting our patients, staff and our local communities and businesses. That is why your state-of-the-art optical lenses are manufactured by CR Surfacing, an Australian family-owned business in Melbourne. Backed by their investment in lens grinding technology brings you the best pair of glasses, customised and personalised to your unique vision.

Supporting an Australian company has many benefits. Having your lens made locally and a company understanding Australian values ensures your product is of the highest quality and passing the most stringent quality control processes. Locally made lenses would mean that the lead time from time of order to delivery of your glasses are shortened, without having to go through customs and imports from an overseas-based lens laboratory.

During the pandemic, and given the current situation in Victoria, indeed, some situations are beyond our control. This includes border closures, which has significantly impacted on the postage deliveries we rely on. Despite these restrictions, our lead time hasn’t been affected considerably compared to other practices which are dependent on overseas-based lens laboratories.

Our local laboratory uses real-time updates on the progress of your lenses. We have been assured that their productivity hasn’t been affected. We understand the urgency of your glasses. We do and always contact our patients as soon as we have received their orders. You are more than welcome to contact us to check on the live status of your order.

Independent and family-owned companies rely on the goodwill of our local community. Now more than ever during this pandemic. At Capital Eye, we are humbled from the support and understanding of our loyal patients and clients. Without the patronage from our local community, we won’t be able to continue providing our personalised services

in a private, safe and protected environment.

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