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Are Routine Eye Examinations Necessary?

You might have had an eye examination with your optometrist in Canberra recently. Your optometrist advised that they would like you to have another check-up in two years. Does this apply even if your vision is perfect and you don’t need glasses?

Beyond Your Vision

Our eye examinations and check-ups are beyond just assessing your vision. Eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts often don’t affect your vision until you reach the end-stage of the disease spectrum. This means that you may not notice any substantial changes to your vision during the very initial and early stages of the eye disease. Fortunately, most eye diseases can be prevented without further vision loss if detected early.

With your routine eye examinations at Capital Eye, we perform an advanced cross-sectional scan of your macula and optic nerves to detect any early signs of abnormality. We believe in early detection, which is only made possible with the advanced technology we use during your routine visit.

Routine Eye Examinations Safeguards Your Vision

Just like your annual visit to your dentist, routine eye examinations ensure that your eyes are healthy and that you’re seeing at your best. In addition to reviewing your optical prescription to see if any adjustments are necessary, your eye health is examined to address any abnormalities that may have developed since your last visit. The early stages of any eye disease are straightforward to manage and often don’t require invasive treatment.

Your Eyes are Unique

At Capital Eye, our optometrists treat each set of eyes unique. Our eyes are attached to our bodies, so it is essential to understand your overall health and how it can affect your eyes. For example, an individual with diabetes is at risk of developing diabetic retinopathy. Therefore, diabetic patients should have annual reviews to ensure their diabetes isn’t affecting their vision.

The Bottom Line

Routine eye examinations with your optometrist in Canberra is highly recommended if you value your eyesight and eye health. How often you should often have an eye examination depending on your unique circumstances, such as your individual risk factors, your glasses, and your eye health. On average, many of us have a routine eye examination every two years. If you haven’t had your eyes tested recently, it is easy to schedule an appointment with us online. We look forward to welcoming you soon.